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As I am going through the various posts on this website am getting the impression that a lot of people have Crush on Heaven.  I am afraid, I might be wrong.

by DonaldDuck · 6 Answers · about 1 hour ago in Sex Basics


What is your opinion on music during sex?

by Lloyd1636 · 4 Answers · about 9 hours ago in Sex Basics

First Sex Toy

So after breaking up with my ex, I realize that it doesn't feel the same anymore when I masturbate. I mean every night it goes as follows: watch some tv go to bed pull pants down (I don't wear underwear under anything whe...

by Kazama-sensei · 2 Answers · about 8 hours ago in Masturbation

Viagra !!!

A parrot swallows a Viagra. His owner, disgusted, puts him in  the freezer to cool off. Later when he opens the freezer, he finds the parrot sweating. "How com you are sweating ?" he askes. The parrot replies,&...

by DonaldDuck · 2 Answers · about 9 hours ago in Sex Basics

Boobs Or Bottle

Hey the names Madi im about six months pregnant and i have A couple of questions   1. I put on ALOT of weight thoughout my pregnancy and i have read that breast feeding rather than using a bottle helps shed the baby weight faster is the...

by MadiDuck · 3 Answers · 1 day ago in Sex Basics

First time in the Bedroom

Okay guys, it has been 2 years since I made a post, so here's one for the ages. First things first, let me get this out the way: me and my girlfriend broke up 2 years ago, but we are now friends. The reason for the breakup was because I rarely h...

by Kazama-sensei · 2 Answers · 1 day ago in Body

Why do white women want to have sex with black men?

I am not sure if this question has been posted on her or not but a friend of mine and I got to talking the other day and he brought up the fact that he is having sex with a black woman but does not understand why white women want to have sex with bl...

by DavidM · 9 Answers · about 5 hours ago in Sex Basics

Jj---Why do a girls cum taste so much better than a mans? you think it could

by Peggydoeaboutany1 · 0 Answers · 2 days ago in Orgasms

Superb !

A woman playing Golf hit a man nearby. He put his hands together between his legs. fell on the ground & rolled around in pain. she rushed to him and offered to relieve his pain as she was a Doctor.Reluctantly he agreed. She g...

by DonaldDuck · 1 Answer · 2 days ago in Sex Basics


I am a white male 63 years young, I have been married to the same person for 43 years. About 7 years ago she decided we were not going to have sex anymore. I have tried many time to talk to her but nothing has worked. I have tried every thing I can ...

by Crispy · 7 Answers · about 15 hours ago in Sex Basics

any creams or lotions for vagina

Hi every one my girlfriend is wheatish white but her vagina is black does any one know the cream so that i can make her vagina white

by WillPower · 7 Answers · 1 day ago in Sex Basics

oh no!

My period is late!

by Lillady11 · 3 Answers · 2 days ago in Body

What do you use?

My man and I dont use condoms, I take the pill. We both hate condoms! I'm just wondering how many people out there use the pill as their only form of birth control? Sometimes he pulls out and sometimes he doesn't. I personally love when he doesn't, but...

by Lillady11 · 1 Answer · 2 days ago in Sex Basics

flying clothes

These days the weather has been very warm here so i have been useing my CJ jeep to get around because it has no doors and it is totally open and the wind feels sooo good in this 90 degree weather, well anyways i have noticed that if my wife comes wi...

by Sid360 · 4 Answers · 3 days ago in Relationships

Boyfriend pics

Decent pics from his visit. Also a few decent updated ones of myself. I haven't really been posting many pics recently..   I dunno if people can tell the difference but my looks and attitude have changed quite a bit in the last 6 mo...

by Memory_love · 2 Answers · 3 days ago in Relationships

Enjoy >3

Okay =D My boyfriend was here this past weekend and I took some rather teasing pics for him. They turned out so well I wanted to share and get some feedback on it. I think I do sexxii rather well ;)

by Memory_love · 4 Answers · about 22 hours ago in Teasing and Seduction

Cock and balls...

HI guys, Many of us love a girl who can deepthroat, and the deeper the better. We are usually just amazed if a girl can suck down our whole cock....but have you ever thought if there were girls who can suck down a cock and balls? Obviously...

by Miniman · 1 Answer · 2 days ago in Oral Sex

My first time masturbating. A true story.

I remember the first time. No. Not losing my virginity. The first time I actually masturbated and came. I was lying on my bed, on my back after a warm bath. It was night, the crickets and frogs were chirping in the still night outside. And t...

by Thor! · 8 Answers · about 22 hours ago in Sex Basics

A thanks to everyone!

Hi. I just wanted to say that I just reached 450 followers.  And want everyone to know that I appreciate it! Makes me proud!! Sending a thanks to everyone! :-) 

by JustMe ( Ice Queen) · 32 Answers · about 1 hour ago in Sex Basics

Update From My First Post Ever

So, I just wanted to give a very exciting update about my relationship with my girlfriend. In my very first post on this site, I mentioned that my girl was a virgin and that we hadn't really had an opportunity to have enough privacy to chang...

by Ivlogo06 · 18 Answers · 1 day ago in Relationships

The girl totally ignored me

its been 4 months last time i saw her, i cant sleep because of her,, i continously think abt her,, i try to think abt other things,, but nothing works, she just stopped talking to me ,,, i guess she knew that i loved her and she didnt so she stopped...

by Wahmed · 8 Answers · 3 days ago in Relationships

Odd Fetish

I have to ask if anyone else has the same sexual fetish as me. I really get off on touching and making love to my girlfriend while she's asleep. The first time I did it, she got annoyed. Now, in the morning, she just smiles and asks if I had &qu...

by Scott · 2 Answers · 4 days ago in Teasing and Seduction

How to get more pleasure in masturbation?

I m 19 years boy and when i masturbate i get only little of pleasure and then i get fed up.I want to get more pleasure and last long for a time.So please help me.

by Jihn130 · 3 Answers · 3 days ago in Masturbation

Wet Dream every other day

hello,,,, back with another post, as u all friends know that i have stoped mastrubation and thats quite 4 or 5 months ago,, i m fine with it , i dont mastrubate but i m having wet dreams almost every other day and some times on consecutive days,,,, ...

by Wahmed · 4 Answers · 2 days ago in Sex Basics

The Most Important Question...and my final words.

Throughout my time here on the site, I've throughly come to enjoy assisting people with whatever it is that they need help with, be it relationships, sex, or hard times. However I've come to realize that the longer I stay one this site, the ...

by CyberSurferXD · 6 Answers · 4 days ago in Relationships

Hello again!

Hiya everyone, just a quick post to say I'm back!!  Many of you who I talked to frequently in the past noticed I've been absent for a while. I used to be so present on AMGF and I built up and a strong profile which I don't want ...

by Shakira · 6 Answers · 3 days ago in Sex Basics

Private message sending

How do you send a pm on here? Can anyone pm me.

by Christian93 · 9 Answers · 6 days ago in Teasing and Seduction

how to get back in the game

Hi everyone, Ive been out of the game so long and haven't been intimate with any females for 4 years now.  Life got busy, people close to me died, and I just stopped trying.  Anyways, I'm not here for pity, but I am here to see...

by Mrniceguy1016 · 10 Answers · 5 days ago in Relationships

Orgasm by dry humping

I can't orgasm through being eaten out or by sex. The only way I can is by rubbing my bf's dick against my clit/pelvic region fast and hard or by humping a pillow... Is this weird?

by Lollypop101 · 4 Answers · 5 days ago in Orgasms

c u later guys ... just taking a break...

hi this is woody....lots of fun lots of stats and lots of spambot.....awsome experience ......miss u all will back hopefuly next month.....lots of to all ..... miss u guys ..

by W00dy · 4 Answers · 4 days ago in Relationships

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