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What do I do?

Hie guys, there is this girl l told that l liked her for the first week we dated but the next she started acting strange as if there is nothing between us. So she start telling me that she has boyfriend (which come to be true) but l did not stop the...

by Royal Nando · 3 Answers · 36 minutes ago in Relationships

whos this lizy khalifa

who is lizy khalifa,, sending me messages after every half an hour,,, .... 

by Wahmed · 17 Answers · about 1 hour ago in Sex Basics

Self set up rape

I was teasing these 3 men and it got a little out of hand.

by Peggydoeaboutany1 · 7 Answers · about 8 hours ago in Teasing and Seduction

What are the chances of me getting my 18 year gf pregnant

Me and my gf (18) want to have sex without a condom for the first time, she doesn't have anti pregnancy pills. What are the chances of me getting her pregnant?  

by ThebigD · 10 Answers · about 2 hours ago in Sex Basics


hi all, I have a question about the sensitivity of the head of the penis. when I cum, and the girl that I'm with touching the head of my penis, I feel this kind of sensitivity/ tikle?   it is kinda fun, but at the same time ...

by Raiven · 3 Answers · about 23 hours ago in Sex Basics

How dangerous is anal fisting?

I've seen pornstars do it.......but that's porn which has a lot of editing done to it. If done properly in real life,how risky is it?

by Johnnie · 3 Answers · about 2 hours ago in Anal Sex

I came on My First girls face.

I feel that I shouldn't Cum on her face due to the amout of it I put out. I hven't asked her about this, because I feel she migth be uncomfortable, but I just want to know if Most Women even like a big load. She acted like she enjoyed and cl...

by Ben · 6 Answers · about 10 hours ago in Sex Basics

should i go for prostitute? or weight for the right time?

hello,, obviously everyone knows here i m 22 ,, and i havent had sex yet.. one of my friends is virgin as well.. he was suggesting that we should go for prostitutes (high class) not street one... what u say should we? or we should wait for the right...

by Wahmed · 17 Answers · about 15 hours ago in Sexual Health

what do i do

well there is a friend i have that is shy and we have bcome very close she is a girl, and i want to ask her out but i dont want to ruin our friendship, what should i do?

by Smak1 · 6 Answers · 1 day ago in Relationships

love and freindship dont mix

umm hello my name is Kat i kind of have a problem im kind of in the middle of a love square and i dont know how to balance everything probably best if i list the names of everyone involved otherwise it might get confusing trying to explain everythin...

by CloudKicker · 10 Answers · 1 day ago in Sex Basics

sex and body

hi i feel heavy head and my feel is like - (the feel when blood gets accumulated in legs due to improper sitting posture)...similarly blood is accumulated in my head. is it due to tension?? or ejaculation 3times a week or some any other reas...

by Sexman · 2 Answers · 2 days ago in Sexual Health

Cute ears

is it weird that i find that to ME one of the absolute cutest things is when i see a girl with long hair and her ear is just barely poking out through her hair i mean obviously i like girls boobies and asses as well but that is to be expected im jus...

by MsNoOne · 3 Answers · about 10 hours ago in Body

It hurted when my boyfriend was fingering me

so me and my boyfriend was at my house watching tv, and we were laying down , so he decides to put his hand down there, and he puts 2 fingers in, i liked it i didnt mind, so we started to make out , fast foward past all the "talking" , he ...

by Lovey · 2 Answers · 3 days ago in Body

games women play

I will never truly understand why women play so many games. I'm a very straight-forward direct person who's women troubles mainly stem from the fact that I don't play into women's bullsh**. Can someone shed some light on why it is so...

by Lloyd1636 · 6 Answers · 3 days ago in Sex Basics

What do you wear?

What do woman wear at home and to sleep?

by Christian93 · 8 Answers · about 10 hours ago in Teasing and Seduction

roming in old posts ....and guss what.!

I m just reading out some old posts.....and it makes me feels like good life gone to a biggggggg problems so some of these which realy made my mind to say "wtf ...1.

by Wõödy · 1 Answer · 3 days ago in Relationships

I haven't had sex for two months. Will it hurt?

Me and my boyfriend haven't been seeing each other much lately (me being busy in school, in a musical, in addition to needing time away from him because we used to hang out way too much and he started becoming possessive) So we haven't had s...

by SDDA · 54 Answers · about 1 hour ago in Body

my wife has no sex drive any ideas to help

my wife here lately has not been in the mood to have seen any thing you all know to help get her sex drive back  

by Farmboy · 22 Answers · 2 days ago in Sex Basics

just Q.

I'm 20 year old and my height it 4'9 with a penis size of 4.5in. it's good or bad.

by Shorty · 15 Answers · 4 days ago in Sex Basics

help for flexiblity..

Hi guys,this time i want to ask that,can anybody suggest me some exercises for more physical flexiblity anyone who have dancing backgrounds .specialy those who have attended some basics of starting gymnastics.ty :-)

by Wõödy · 4 Answers · 4 days ago in Body

Insecurity with a circumsised penis

I just lost my virginity with my girlfriend at 21 years of age. We used a condom. She is sexually experienced, I am not. Yesterday when we had sex she orgasmed really quickly after some foreplay and me eating her out. However, she finished so quickl...

by Student · 2 Answers · 6 days ago in Sex Basics

sleep wear

I prefer to sleep nude, now I have found for some reason that women tend to sleep topless as long as they have panties or shorts on...why is this? is there some reason why women don't mind being topless while sleeping but are against being compl...

by Weezy9 · 7 Answers · 4 days ago in Sex Basics

This is not a sex question.

I got a message from someone who is following me now on this site. It is a male. I really do not want males following me. Just women. I hope I do not upset any guys on here but this is how I feel. Anyways, when I go to check my messages the number d...

by DavidM · 21 Answers · 6 days ago in Sex Basics

shave or no shave

hi all, a long time I wanna do something different. I want to shave. I heared a lot of opinions for this, but I never really got an answer on this matter. how do you prefer your bf pubs hairy or shaved?   thanks  

by Raiven · 11 Answers · 4 days ago in Sex Basics

Small Pussy/Big Dick

My past 2 Sexual Relationships ive ran into that got to the point of attempted Penetration, Emphasis on the word Attempted, have ran into a bit of an issue, simply theyre too small or Im too big. 1st one we could get it in but she became overwhe...

by TheNamelessOne · 10 Answers · about 21 hours ago in Sex Basics

How can I get my wife to get kinkier or think dirtier?

My wife and I have been together for 12 years married for 6.  When we first met she would buy sex games, give me road head etc.  Even 6 or 7 years ago she made out with a girlfriend of hers which was hot, and would ask me to tie her up and...

by TopJimmy1979 · 6 Answers · 5 days ago in Sex Basics

When and where?

Hi guys< When do you prefer to masturbate? Late at night in your bed in the eveing, or first thing in the shower when you wake up. Recently I have been masturbating in the shower for the first time ever and I don't know which I p...

by Miniman · 25 Answers · 4 days ago in Masturbation

Needs Sex

So here is the thing. I havent had sex in like a long time, and I dont know where I can find a women to have sex with. I was hoping I could get some help from a woman here...??

by Dono · 6 Answers · about 21 hours ago in Sex Basics

Having sex after break fast or lunch or dinner effect health

Hi, my friend has a new question. He said having sex after breakfast, lunch or dinner affects your health. Is it true? Does any one knows about it?

by WillPower · 3 Answers · 8 days ago in Sex Basics

Is it right to check your almost adult son's phone????

Is it right to check your almost adult son's phone???? Well, l m not saying that they should not check my phone.lts their right.l am saying that ,they should have a regular check like once in a week or in a month but not suddenly like in a year and th...

by Wõödy · 16 Answers · 3 days ago in Relationships

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