15 year old bisexual male who want to masterbate

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Hi hevan i am a 15 year old bisexual male. i have had anal sex with my boyfriend and i want to have anal masterbation at home but sence im under 18 i cant buy but plugs etc so what could i use from around the house that wouldnt be dangerous. my boyfriend is the one who inseted his penis into my anas and i want to give him a rimjob but when i tried he wouldnt let me he said it tickled to much how could i proswade him to let me give him a rimjob. Please help.

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he just has to open for it first, you cant force something on someone? or "Pursuade" them into doing it. he has to feel compleatly confterble with doing what you want to do, I would suggest telling him what you want to do,and ask if theres anything that he would like to do, mabey he just dosnt have a open mind when it comes to new things, Im not saying to force his mind open, but just take small steps so after a while he will be alright with it. As for anal masturbation, there are plenty of household items that would do the trick, A flashlight, some veggies, some bottles, ect. But be careful because the lining of your anal cavity can tear very easily, make sure what you use dosn't have any sharp points on it. And use plenty of lube. Goodluck:)

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