During anal sex, Is it ok if he cums in me?

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So my b/f and i have been trying anal sex lately. Everytime we have anal sex he cums in my ass. Now i don't know if that is a good or bad thing? I mean can his cum mess me up in there or will it do nothing. I just want to know if we can keep doing it or should we stop?

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AskMyGF / 24 / Woman / Likes Men / Single

That is perfectly fine. You can't get pregnant or have any side effects from him cumming in your ass. I would suggest that you use a condom though so that your feces does not get into his dick hole. That could lead to trouble.

about 4 years ago · 3 Likes

Orgasmic_explosion · I love plowing my girl in the arse :P Oh Yeah!!!!!


12GAUGE · ABSOFUCKINLUTELY Hon....:p but facials are nice and oso goot 4 ur complexion...too

Johnny / Man / Likes Women / Single

Cum in ass is best feeling for the guy, if your brave enough then let him, i've only had good experiences of it

almost 2 years ago

by Curiousfemale42

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