Can u use fruit for masterbating?

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I watched Good Luck Chuck and the guy on the movie used a grapefruit to masterbate. It made me wander what sort of fruit would work best for masturbation, if there were any at all. I just want something quick to use at home and get rid of.

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AskMyGF / 24 / Woman / Likes Men / Single

Yes you can. Grapefruits or oranges will likely provide the most realistic texture, but I encourage you to experiment.

over 4 years ago
Someguyoudontknow / Woman / Likes Men / Single

Banana peel works excellent.

about 4 years ago
Asqari / 25 / Man / Likes Women / In a relationship

not at all

about 3 years ago

by Pc

Woman / Likes Men / Single

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