Do highschool girls masterbate?

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ok the reason i am asking this question is because we were at lunch and this girl i sit with said she doesn't. my ? is do girls in highschool do it? Also how can i see a girl's thong come out of her pants?

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In short, you never know from person to person.
Chances are they do. The girl you sit with could possibly be lying as alot of people find it embarrassing especially at that age when girls (and prob guys) tend to explore their bodies more) and i wouldnt think it anyone elses business to know anyway haha, but in saying that i was one who didnt masturbate when i was of highschool age. The only way your going to see a thong or 'whale tail' as i like to call it, is if A) They are wearing a thong (duh) and B) wearing low hipster paints or skirt etc and you keep an eye out from your peripheral vision, so really you will only see a thong if a girl wants it to be seen more then likely. Word of advice even if thats so try not to stare or you may earn yourself a hefty slap haha. hope this has been of some help.

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Lonely15 · thank you for the advice hey im trying to see if anyone wants to send me thong or panty pics because personal pics r way better then porn would u send me some? if no i understand jw im a perv i know.


12GAUGE · LISTEN TO Z kiddo ervythang she ssed is 115% right!!

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i did when i was in school! haha! a lot!

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Lonely15 · hi okay cool i masterbate 1 or 2 times a day and r u hot bc i really like milfs jw? i don't mean to offend any1.


12GAUGE · shit bra is the Pope a Catholic?? FUNNY ??

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well some girls do and some dont many women start to masturbate in high school and they start to explore themselves(their body) but some dont masturbate at all some dont till maybe they get married

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im in high school now and hell yeah im at it 3-4 times a week..shit id go mad without it

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12GAUGE · If it weren't for jackin'off and Porn I would have been sitting in a prison somewhere the past 40 years. Jackin' and eye ballin' porn KEEPS ME SANE!!!


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