GIRLS! Do you remember the first time you received oral sex?

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This is spinning off from a new members post about blow jobs. It's funny but i can clearly remember the first blow job (fail) i ever gave but i can't recall the first time a boy went down on me!

Am i alone?

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Bigpun / 49 / Man / Likes Women / Married

My girlfriend at the time told me she never felt like that before while i was giving her oral...i am still with her 23 years later......

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Megan / 23 / Woman / Likes Bisexuals / Married

Yeah....I guess you are alone on this one :P

Oddly enough it wasn't a guy who first went down on me, It was a girl when I was 16, and I remember feeling almost overwhelmed with pleasure, because at this point I had only ever had straight sex with a couple of positions.

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GG · Cheers chick, now i feel like a complete freak! lol


Megan · Ahh...don't sweat it it, our memories are unique enigma's...I can remember things from when I was 4 years old, but there's thing I did when I was 18 that I don't remember at all! lol.


GG · Haha i know who it was with but i just can't remember the actual event. I do however remember the first 69 i ever was involved in and i was scared to death because i had seen so many porn clips and i looked nothing like the girls in them. I was petrified i was going to gross out my fiance with my fat ass. Well either gross him out or smother him lol.


Megan · LOL, that's why I always choose the bottom when I'm in that position, but then again...I'm weird. Hm, I'm trying to remember the first time I did 69....I'm pretty sure It was with my last Ex-boyfreind. As you can imagine, I'm the one who brought up the idea...

None / 20 / Woman / Likes Men / In a relationship

i do very well:) bradley pulled me over to the side of my bed and had his way with me lol

over 2 years ago

Megan · Haha, well I can probably guess you weren't resisting ;)


None · not in the slightest ;D


Locket · the first blow job i ever gave was when i was about 16 and he cum in mouth and i was instantly sick everywhere !!!! (not the case now though) ;) the first oral sex i received was only a few months back (although was married for 8 years but he would never ever do it for me) and it was totally amazing. i had happened to mention to my guy that i had never had it before and he was more than happy to do it for me :) :)


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