What are signs a girl gives letting a guy know she wants to have sex?

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Aside from the obvious...I know its the males job to make the 1st advances but I won't make an advance until I know she wants me.

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Chidinma / 25 / Woman / Likes Bisexuals / Single

I want 2 learn how 2 b hot in bed

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AskMyGF / 24 / Woman / Likes Men / Single

It's not the man's job to make the first move, for one. I was the sexual aggressor in my relationship. It seems to work out better that way. You don't have to worry about pushing her past her boundaries if she is the one jumping your bones. :)

If you do want to gauge her desires though, you can start by seeing how she acts when you make out. If she starts to grind on you or grab at your dick, you should at least feel confident enough to grab a titty or butt cheek. Let her give you a little indication that she is at least interested, and then push things one more level to see how she reacts. If you get the tit, try rubbing on the outside of her pants by her clit. If that works, try sticking your hand in there. You get the point. There is no "big sign" to watch for. It's just a matter of testing her out to see where you can go and how willing she is.

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Booboo / Woman / Likes Men / Single

10 signs she wants to have sex with you.

When she says, "A blowjob is $40 and anal is $200."

When she looks at you in your $250,000 car and $5,000 suit and licks her lips.

After she passes out from the rufees you put in her drink, and she doesn't say no.

After getting a 20 carat diamond, after the long engagement, after a $156,000 wedding, after flying to Tahiti, checking in, - oh, wait, did you say "Want"?

She takes her clothes off and lies in bed with her legs spread wide.

Sorry, she doesn't want sex with you.

When she says, "Fuck me, now!"

Your name is Hugh Jackman.

People call you Mr. President.

When she says, "I'm ovulating, turn the fucking computer off, now."

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Tongueman / 58 / Man / Likes Women / Single

I do have to agree that it should not be just the male's job to initiate sexual activity and I can also agree that it can be much better when the female is willing to make sure her desires are clearly know!

In my younger days I had many bad experiences with females leading me on then getting mad at me for trying to take it to the next level after they gave signals they were ready for the next level.

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