G-Spot...Squirting...Where do I begin?

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I've been with my GF for over two years. She has orgasms from clit stimulation but nothing else. I have bought toys, played in many ways and I really don't feel like she knows what gspot stimulation feels like, nor does it seem like she is patient to try and find it. With me, if I could find another way to cum I certainly would, so why doesn't she? Second, I have a huge obsession with squirting. Although I've never experienced it first hand, I would practically pay to experience it. I'm that obsessed about experiencing it first hand.

So where do I begin?

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AshMarie / 23 / Woman / Likes Men / Married

She is probably frustrated which is understandable. Try talking to her about about what makes her feel good. Communication is always the key to a good and healthy sex life. Finding the g-spot: it might be different for others but my husband inserts 2 fingers, palm facing up in and crooks them like in a "come hither" motion and massages that area. The area should feel rough like the surface of a walnut. That would be her g-spot. Just massage it with your fingers and thrust a little. It might hurt a little at first or she might feel like she has to pee but after a few seconds, she should feel pretty good :). Make sure to continue communication to make sure she is comfortable. Good luck and have fun! ;D

about 1 year ago
Lily Drakondia

Lily Drakondia · What position are you in when he does that like like?

Lily Drakondia

Lily Drakondia · I've known a guy who could not massage well for the life of me. Are there certain massage motions for this that are better than others, so the guys who learn from reading your comment do it right?


AshMarie · I am either lying on my back or squatting down. He massages me in a circular motion with alternating thrusts. Right when I am about to cum he "jackrabbit" thrusts and it just makes me explode. Very nice :)


by jamesNYC

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