Hey, what advice do u have for a guy who wants a girl to peg him

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with a strapon?

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Doc / 61 / Man / Likes Women / Single

I've tried it twice with two different women. They both enjoyed anal if things really steamed up. During these early episodes they would finger me or use a small toy on me while blowing me. They both knew the exact spot to message the prostate and I'd have the most awesome orgasms. Later one of them excused herself for a few minutes and returned with a double headed dildo inserted into herself and strapped on, telling me with a wicked smile "what goes around comes around".I was on my back,she lubed both me and the dildo, then she raised my legs and very gently started to insert it into me. the look on her face was priceless. After a short while after I became used to it she picked up her pace while at the same time stroking my cock. The feeling,movement of her hips and the looks on her face as she watched herself trusting into me put me over the top like nothing before,we both had orgasms almost simultaneously. WOW! Later while seeing the other woman I went out and bought the same equipment giving it to her telling her about my past experience. She was so excited because it was a fantasy she was afraid to brooch with anyone in the past. To make a long story short it's something none of us regretted.

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12GAUGE · You're one Lucky SOB Doc!!! I surely wish I had your amazing good luck in finding women who would give it to you in this manner!!! HUA!!!

Matthew Colson
Matthew / 21 / Man / Likes Women / Single

yes with a strapon

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12GAUGE · Believe it or not Matthew the most awesome Anal I've received in the last 12 years or so has been with Dildos rather than with real dick. TBT I've just had on e real cock inside me in all that time. After all my fantasizing about having a real live twitching cock plunging in and out of my hole...truthfully he was a disappointment. At this point I feel I must agree with the ladies here...Since my Dildos are Always Ready and Never Go Down, I Prefer Dildos over the real McCoy!!!

GG / 34 / Woman / Likes Women / Married

Be sure it's definitely what you want for a start. Find out if the girl you have in mind has a dominant streak, if she doesn't then it wont happen. Prepare yourself for the event i.e try it on your own if you have never tried it before, just so you can reassure your girl that it's supposed to feel like that! Always have a trade off in mind as back up!! Good luck.

almost 3 years ago

12GAUGE · I would have to disagree mightily GG of the gal being a dominant. My last gf didn't have a dominant bone in her. However after initially broaching the subject to her one fateful day she obliged me my request. We were 69ing when she snaked a finger up my backside. Long story short it was VERY SIMILAR to my first Rim job. I've mentioned this a time or two here. Needless to say all of you guys curious about getting pegged by your girl friends I just have one thing to say to you. GO FOR IT!!!!! That day when my Sweetie pegged me I was in seventh Heaven!!! The way I remember it she pegged me for perhaps 20 minutes. For me it was like a 20 minute CONSTANT ORGASM!!!!! I shit you not. This is making me HORNY. And guys don't worry about whether this makes you Gay or Bi....just take the plunge and Go For It regardless. I for one am damn glad I told Martha about this wet dream of mine. She was very much The Pleaser in our relationship. Hells bells the first time we had sex I told her I wanted her to shave her pussy for me. Her response? Ain't happening was her response. When I saw her again a week later her pussy was smooth as silk. In reflection I think Martha was indeed a sub.

Matthew Colson
Matthew / 21 / Man / Likes Women / Single

Does such a fantasy make me gay or bi?

over 2 years ago

GG · Well neither really, just submissive. :-)


Ihavenipples · It doesn't even necessarily mean that you're submissive. Plenty of men just like being penetrated and are not attracted to men so they enjoy being penetrated by the same person that they like to penetrate.


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