how to have sex with a heavily spiritual person

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my girlfriend is very spiritual and doesn't believe in pre marital sex.
what advice do U have 4 me?

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Zeratul / 28 / Man / Likes Women / In a relationship

never met someone who is "spiritual" and not interested in pre-marital sex. only one of the weird christian groups or the upbringing of "god above all" types are that way. if you love her you'll wait and respect her wishes. she may eventually realize she is missing out and give in, but above all don't force her or coerce her into anything. rape and/or seducing her will make you the bad guy forever and rape would land you in prison. but luck to you.

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TrueLoveSwallows / Man / Likes Women / Single

I fail to see the connection between spiritual and sex drive. I'm sick of hearing about women who think they are rationing out sex on their terms and acting like they are doing men a favor. Good sex is not a one way street. You give as much of yourself as she gives of herself. You don't wait until the wedding night to discuss children, finances, and other important aspects of marriage. You shouldn't wait to determine how compatible you are sexually. If she loves you, she shouldn't be pulling this crap about waiting for the wedding night. She should want to have sex with you as much as you want to have sex with her. That is what LOVERS do. If you allow her to use this "wait until wedding night" bullshit to control you now, what do you imagine its going to be like after you're married? Suppose you wait until the wedding night and find out that she is frigid and could care less about sex. Are you prepared to be in a lifetime marriage where she "submits" to you on your birthday and maybe special occasions? Sex is a small part of marriage but it can become a huge problem if it isn't good. A sexless courtship means a sexless marriage to me. And I would never risk submitting myself to that kind of daily torture.

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Lily Drakondia

Lily Drakondia · Good point James. Reminds me of another situation, of course lol A man, two generations back, very religious families on both his side and the bride's. Arranged marriage. They did meet first and like each other and agree. No physical contact before marriage. Wedding night comes. She's a he-she. Her family would not permit divorce, especially in that day. There's more that I know, but you see, not very fair to the guy especially ..


Zeratul · Also don't let sex become the only thing you focus on either. Sex is great, but as truelove said sex is only a small part of marriage. Though small it may be, it can make or break any relationship. Sexless relationships are called friendships. To me it sounds as if you are stuck in the friend zone which is not a good place to be if you really do like her.

Lily Drakondia
Lily / 48 / Woman / Likes Men / Just looking

Balance is vital in health. We cannot or should not try to live on spirit alone, nor body alone. Ancients knew it. In ancient Greece doctors instructed men to give their wives orgasms for her health and fertility. Old Brazilian tribes as a religious worship service invented the lambada http [colon] //www [dot] youtube [dot] com/watch?v=i8mz9uOvFQA I'm so proud my Mom was a fucking awesome lambada dancer at 70! =) Pagans of Europe knew with their religious holidays like Saturnalia. http [colon] //www [dot] spiritualtantra [dot] net/history-of-sacred-sexuality In tantric yoga spirit and sex are inseparable. Unite heaven and earth, spirit and body, for your health. Does your god want you two healthy or separate, confused and at each other? You two, study together to unite desire and spirit. Enjoy your adventure!

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by Fort

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