Best Positions For Virgin Sex

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Watch this video and your girl will have nothing but good things to say about the first time she slept with you.

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SUMMARY: Heaven recommends that when a girl loses her virginity she uses a sex position where she lies down, such as missionary, spooning or low doggie. Avoid positions where she has to stand or sit up or which could result in deep penetration. The only exception to this rule is for the girl to ride the guy when she loses her virginity as this allows her maximum control of the experience. Finally, Heaven notes, a girl's first time is almost inevitably going to be at least somewhat uncomfortable if not outright painful, even if the guy she is with is vary caring and considerate of her. Heaven recommends to keep having penetrative sex for a number of times as the girl will eventually become accustomed to having a penis inside of her and grow to enjoy it.

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AskMyGF · Hehe, these summaries are sort of cute. Thanks Andy


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