Big bulge? Do girls like to see them

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Do girls get turned on when they see a the outline of a big cock through a mans pants?

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I never pay attention to that, but maybe I'm a weirdo. Shoe me the outline of a big brain behind the things that a man says and I'm much more likely to get wet on command.

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Adrian (resident A-hole)

Adrian (resident A-hole) · weirdo.......=P. i'm just kidding!............ i think.........shit! i forgot what i was even here for........... i know that my gf loves seeing my bulge in my pants, especially in public where it HAS to be in pants/shorts!

Wec4ever (any Girls/ts Slave)

Wec4ever (any Girls/ts Slave) · she got you excited adrian ;)

Adrian (resident A-hole)

Adrian (resident A-hole) · she's ALWAYS got me excited! =P


MUSCL3N3RD · some girls do . Maybe only in porn .

Adrian (resident A-hole)

Adrian (resident A-hole) · some girls do, some don't. some only notice it AFTER you point it out, then never stop!


MUSCL3N3RD · Lol then it gets annoying " Whoa thats big " I know hello duh its my dick not like just discovered it today . LOL

Adrian (resident A-hole)

Adrian (resident A-hole) · it's a blessing and a curse. =P


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