Do girls care if a guy is uncircumcised

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Do girls care if a guy is uncircumcised or not? I have a long foreskin and I'm kind of nervous to let my girlfriend see my penis. Should I let her know or should I just let her find out?

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Ddlg58 / Woman / Likes Men / Single

My bf is uncut and I love it! Blowing him is so much better than my exes because he is so sensitive. I love to swirl my tounge around his head and pull up the skin so my tounge is inside his foreskin he loves it. And I like the way it looks. If she don't like it just get rid of her u need someone who likes u for u

about 4 years ago · 2 Likes
AskMyGF / 24 / Woman / Likes Men / Single

I don't think it's a make or break deal. It's kind of like if a girl has big pussy lips or something. Some women like the uncircumcised look actually, and they definitely like how it feels. Plus, you are more sensitive than circumcised men, so in theory, you should have better sex. If the girl doesn't like it, consider it her loss and move on.

about 4 years ago · 2 Likes
Joelface / Woman / Likes Men / Single

it never hurts to talk to someone you care about regarding your insecurities, but you don't NEED to tell her beforehand.

If she isn't cool with it, you should realize that she is not the type of woman you want in your life.

anyone who has a problem with someone just because they have all of their healthy, normal, valuable body parts is not someone you want to associate with, let alone be in love with.

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by Yoda

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