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ok so i met this girl that is in a open relation ship and she just wants to messe around with me.but i am not very big down stairs if you know what i mean like 4 and a half long and about 4 and a half round since she is just looking to have sex do you think she will be dissippionted with what i have to offer

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Dan / Woman / Likes Men / Single

You won't know until you try. Too often do guys worry about that stuff - not that I blame you - but you just gotta go for it man.

over 4 years ago
AskMyGF / 24 / Woman / Likes Men / Single

She already likes you, which is half the battle. Plus, you don't know the kind of dicks she's been around. Your 4 1/2 inches might look huge to her :-)

over 4 years ago

by LBZ

Woman / Likes Men / Single

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