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I would like to know women honest opinions in few things.
What you consider as small/average/big?
What is biggest/smallest you have seen?
What size you like most?
What is your own opinion about 5 inches?

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Biggest ive encountered was 8inches, not an enjoyable experience for me im afraid. Smallest was 4.5inches, that was ok but he was crap in bed. My perfect size is my bf's size right now. It fits perfect and does the job intended.

5inches is just fine :-)

almost 3 years ago

Dale · Thanks for your reply. I wos hoping to get more answers but my questions were propably too personal for most. I was allso intrested if this average is 5inches thing is really true? Most times when i ask women that biggest/smallest question i get same kind of answers smallest is about 4-5 and biggest8-9. Allso most guys seem to be biiger than me so i find that hard to belive.


GG · Yep definitely true. You can do medical research about it online.


by Dale

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